At Shoreline, we understand that babies are individuals with their own needs and routines. We constantly monitor our little ones to ensure that these needs are being met and that the babies are receiving all of the comforts of home here at school. The infant classroom is a loving and nurturing environment where your child will grow, thrive, and learn in a Christian atmosphere. We focus on creating a bond between your child and the teacher. We hold, cuddle, sing, and talk to our infants. Talking, singing, humming, and signing with American Sign Language is brought into the classroom to promote communication with others at a young age. We offer experiences that teach object permanence, cause and effect relationships, early literacy, and sensory awareness through our curriculum and individualized goals for each child.


This class facilitates the rapid growth in fine and gross motor development, language acquisition, and positive social interaction. It is important that we maintain a consistent routine and schedule for the toddlers. Children this age learn by exploring and interacting with their environment, but still need to be securely attached to their caregivers. Toddlers respond to one another physically because they are unable to verbalize their emotions. The teacher's job is to help the children with the very first stages of self-regulation. The toddler classrooms utilize the Creative Curriculum, which is a framework for teachers to plan lessons for the individual and group goals of the children. 


This is a fun stage where children learn about their abilities and develop independence. They are eager to show you what they can do all by themselves. Children this age are just developing an awareness of the world as a whole. Teachers work with the children to help them learn to get along with others, and to express emotions appropriately. Children are eager to please and need lots of patience and redirection. The twos' classrooms utilize the Creative Curriculum, which is a framework for teachers to plan lessons for the individual and group goals of the children. Two-year-olds really enjoy expressing themselves through singing and dancing. 


The third year is the year of big emotions. We are preparing your children for future school success by teaching them how to manage their big emotions and use emerging problem-solving skills when faced with difficult experiences. The teachers focus on early literacy and math skills when setting goals for the children. Our expectation is that children are becoming more independent and can take care of many of their own needs such as taking care of their belongings and classroom. Development of self-help skills is an important part of lesson planning.


Our four-year-olds are growing quickly and have an amazing appetite for action and learning. They are built to explore and equipped to grow. We work diligently to help them understand the world around them and teach them to look for ways that God is showing Himself every day. We provide an environment that encourages each individual to investigate his environment and learn lessons for life from what is discovered. We employ small and large group methodologies to encourage group and individual learning as well as a sense of community. We use themed units to encourage curiosity, increase confidence and support independence. Activities are intentionally hands-on and are designed to prepare each child for success in kindergarten and school. We communicate regularly through daily updates as well as through cumulative portfolios so that each student’s progress can be measured and specifically tailored. We use the Frog Street Press Curriculum, which reminds us that children are joyful creatures. The curriculum and resources are designed to tap into a child’s nature and create a joyful experience from the first moments of the day until it is time to say goodbye. The Frog Street Press program is filled with songs, music, hands-on materials and activities, chants, games, and make-believe designed to stimulate the children’s imagination, helping make each day a wonderful one!


We provide after school care to children enrolled at neighboring elementary schools. Our summer program is open to all school-aged children (graduated K - 5th), and is tailored to ensure that elementary school children have a fun, experience-rich summer in a safe environment

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